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Situated in New Delhi, HR Technical Trade Centre is a leading pioneer in skill development courses for all those who are looking for overseas job placements.

The centre, which serves in New Delhi has about 6,000 square feet of space, provides skill training courses to applicants and has excelled at doing so. The key characteristics of this technical centre include a well-run skill training and development centre with cutting-edge office and expertise from experienced managers who are well-versed in Gulf requirements. Under the direction of knowledgeable staff who have worked in Gulf countries, engineers from all professions can become technically sound and skilled. We provide a variety of skill training such as plumbing, electrician, fitter fabricator, steel fixer, plaster mason, training of 6G, arch, arson, training for structure welding area & heavy machinery use.

It is designed to provide vocational and technological training and testing to turn unskilled and semi-skilled individuals into skilled workers by offering a variety of free skill classes that will enable them to pass the exam here at the skill development courses near me and achieve their job overseas.

Our incredibly talented, on-the-spot trainers are inspired and driven to provide the finest. They have been instrumental in making sure that we are a top-notch supplier of man force. Since its founding, our trainer has facilitated the careers of numerous aspiring Indian technicians and seekers, allowing a steady supply of skilled labor for numerous sectors in need of qualified technicians to countries globally.


HR Technical Trade Centre provides trade testing, certification, and an interview facility all in one location, meeting the needs of any recruitment agency. This skill development training centre in New Delhi works to conduct technical tests of the candidates who are applying for overseas jobs. The centre consists of skilled technicians and advanced technology that serves the purpose of showcasing the skills of the candidates. From plumber, carpenter to steel fixer and mason, we have it covered it all for our aspirants.

HR International provides its students with a competitive advantage over their peers by offering a range of skill training courses that help them get ready for a world that is highly competitive.

The institute’s overarching goal has been to increase employability skills by centralizing all the resources an employer could need, including trade testing, certification, and an interview center. Because we firmly think that the ultimate goal of education should be the transformation of lives and the betterment of our world, we are also extremely passionate about community development through our skill training programme.

The guiding philosophy of the academy has been spreading employability skills by bringing together everything that an employer would desire in terms of Trade testing, Certification and an Interview Centre in one place. We are also very passionate about Community Development through our academy as we strongly believe that the ultimate aim of education should be transformation of lives and betterment of our world. This skill training and development centre is completely furnished with offices, waiting areas, interview rooms, and classes that are available for our clients' and applicants' convenience.

For the last 19 years, our business has mobilized numerous staff members and workers in the employment and training center facilitation sector, supplying competitive personnel to countries across the world. We firmly feel that our background and experience in the skill development training industry represent our strength in this regard. As a result, we are sure that we can supply and fulfill your need for people.