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(Selection and Visa Process)
Interview conducted by Mr. Khalid and Mr. Abu Nawaz of Dunkin Donuts
Official meeting of Mr. Ashraf Ali with Mr. Khalid from Dunkin Donuts
Business visit of Mr. Kharboush from Al-Gihaz Holding
Business meeting of Mr. Enayat Ali with Mr. Kharboush from Al-Gihaz Holding
Interview conducted by Mr. Majed Al Malki, Engineer of AL-Gihaz Holding
Official meeting with Mr. Saif and Mr. Bushra from MASCO
Mr. Shadi and Mr. Moath from MASCO
During the interview of Four Season Hotel, Bahrain
Client visit from Al Gihaz Co.
Technical Interview Round of Masco
Interview carried out by the Mr. Bander from NADEC
Mr. Zafar from ABB made a visit to H.R. International
Client visit from RAWABI Co.
Meeting with the Senior Authorities of RAWABI Co.
Welcoming the officials from Safari Co. Ltd.
Official visit of the team from SAFARI CO. LTD, Saudi Arabia
Official meeting with the senior officials of Safari Co. Ltd.
Offical Meeting with the recuitment supervisor of Safari Co.
Client Interview Organised by Safari Co. at H.R. International